Welcome to Weed The Truth

Weed the truth, or a little less like Jonathan Ross, Read the truth.

This is the website dedicated to dissecting the media reports, online publications and general propaganda we have to endure. To those who are guided by the media headlines and generalisations, perhaps this is the time to become educated in the most incredible plant on this planet, marijuana.

In the UK we aren’t as fortunate as the United States (In some ways), we are still a prohibited Nation when it comes to the use of marijuana, whether recreational or medicinal. One of the main reasons for this is a lack of education when it comes to the actual effects of weed, instead people draw on politically correct depictions of drugs. We will split down the newspaper reports depicting what is true, and what is merely huge media generalisations or stereotyping.

Don’t worry, it’s not going to be all serious, we’ll also have a ton of marijuana interviews and marijuana reviews, so make sure you stay tuned for everything that’s coming up.

Ideally this can become a resource, a way of showing any non believers what an incredible, miracle plant we are forced to leave idle.



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