Top 5 Medical Miracle Stories from Medical Marijuana MMJ



5. The Problem:
Severe pain and discomfort from Interferon treatments for hepatitis C

Richard Rodriguez was receiving a body-load of interferon regularly, to combat his Hepatitis C. The side-effects were drastic: full nausea, swollen tongue, complete loss of appetite, pain. He lost his job, his life was a drama of pain and discomfort. His mind began to slip: lots of pain and interferon can do that to a person.

How Medical Marijuana Helped:
After consuming cannabis, Rodriguez stabilized. The nausea subsided, his mental problems diminished, and the pain was dulled. He resumed a somewhat functional life, one with actual enjoyment. What a turn around!


4. The Problem:
Inability to conceive children

Alex Ure was a paratrooper. And apparently, flying really high up in a plane then jumping out is kinda dangerous, because he now has a severe spinal condition. Painkillers made him completely useless. Due to the pain, he was unable to have sex with his wife for five years, which is an unusual thing to tell a reporter.

How Medical Marijuana Helped:
Cannabis eased the pain to the point where Ure didn’t need a boatload of painkillers. He is now able to live a relatively normal life, and has conceived a son. Congratulations to Ure and his wife.


3. The Problem:
Old age and common medical issues

82-year-old Mabel Macer was on a bunch of drugs just to keep herself from days of physical agony, followed by death. She could barely walk to the door in her drugged-out haze.

How Medical Marijuana Helped:
After switching to a drinkable marijuana cocktail, Macer was able to kick every medication except the heart pills that every senior seems to be required to take. She claims to be much more coherent and is able to take walks around her neighbourhood.


2. The Problem:
ADHD, PTSD, OCD, ODD, IED, CD, Bi-polar disorder, all in one 7-year-old boy. This is tough, since we’re pretty sure one of those things listed is a nuclear device. His life was pretty much entirely therapy, medication, and institutionalization.

How Medical Marijuana Helped: 
After trying many medications, the boy’s mother finally got him a prescription for medical marijuana. After eating part of a muffin, he stopped being a complete trainwreck of a human being.

According to mom, that day “was the first day of Jeff’s life, literally!” Ignoring the fact that her misuse of “literally” implies she gave birth to a seven-year-old, this anecdote illustrates a miraculous turnaround for the boy. He is now 8, and apparently living the life of a normal boy.


1. The Problem:
Brain Cancer.
Cash Hyde was having a hellish experience. Brain tumor, chemotherapy, pain drug cocktails: chemo was working to kill the tumor, but the side effects were tortuous. Cash hadn’t eaten in 40 days, was frequently vomiting (like, you know, more than the average two-year-old), and required five different pain drugs. His father had enough of the way his son was and decided to take matters into his own hands.

How Medical Marijuana Helped:
Doctors did not give approval for Cash to try medical marijuana. According to Cash’s father, after introducing cannabis oil into his feeding tube, his son’s symptoms were immediately lessened. Cash began eating food, again, his father also instructed the doctors to stop administering the pain killers. Cash passed away after his cancer developed too rapidly, however MMJ was an incredible help for him to have any sort of ‘normal’ life. The Cash Hyde foundation has now been established and a link is available here.


Image supplied by ABC

Image supplied by ABC



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