Girl Scout Cookies Strain Review *Dank Report*

A great review of Girl Scout Cookie by Dope Magazine with beautiful photos again from Allie Beckett be sure to check them both out!

A beautiful strain well worth sharing.


A festive cross of OG Kush, Durban Poison and Cherry Kush.

-Medical Benefits-

This cannabis is chockfull of holiday cheer. Best known for the treatment of stress, anxiety and depression, it also has insomnia and pain relief nailed. If you need a solid mood lifter and pain reliever, look no further.


A rare, frosty sea green color dominates the scene, while orange hairs decorate the edges like a welldecorated Christmas tree. Truly a sight to behold, the trichome galore creates an almost wet look to the flowers—making it possible to pull the buds apart and stick them right back together.


The taste mirrors the smell, with an almost mintysweet after effect. If they were going for the flavor of those tasty Thin Mints, they may have nailed it. Spicy tones also dominate—sweet and earthy in the best way.


Girl Scout Cookie is certainly not child’s play. With an immediate effect that registers right behind the eyes, any consumer of this cannabis will experience immediate cerebral effects. Once your eyes are uncrossed, a buzzing body high sets in that carries waves of calm and energy. After a half hour, it’ll leave you feeling silly.


While it carries a mildly sweet aroma, the overwhelmingly pungent and piney whiff you get when pulling these buds apart makes it obvious that you’re dealing with a serious cannabis strain. The smell lingers for minutes after simply opening the jar.

Thanks again to the guys for this brilliant review.




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