The Frost Pipe! Smoking Pipe Made of Ice.

Well, it is Winter, and what better to do in Winter than take advantage of that cold icy feeling! Introducing the Frost Pipe, a mould designed to craft a wonderful looking Pipe completely out of water and in the comfort of your own home.


Whether for Tobacco products or the use of Medical Marijuana the pipe is sure to leave your throat feeling smooth.

Even though we spoke about that Winter feeling, you can actually stay nice and warm in the house.

The pipe is a great novelty idea and has a plastic base so your hands will stay warm and dry. Of course a screen is needed, but that’s only standard and easily available. The Frost Pipe hasn’t long been announced and we will be keeping our eye on future developments. The ability to change the look of the pipe easily is a nice touch, along with the ‘cool’ (sigh) factor of smoking it. With a $25 order you will have the Frost Pipe mould, this means unlimited pipes, unlimited colours, and constant use. It also means themes and specific events can have colour themes, it’s something that will definitely increase the longevity of the product.

There is of course ways of sweetening the smoke, check out these awesome OJ pipe photos straight from the FrostPipe guys! Perhaps it won’t replace your glass piece, but at $25 this is definitely a nice idea for some laughs and a different smoke!

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Here’s a video of the making of the OJ Pipe:

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